This week yet another new piece of equipment was delivered to Delta Metals as the management team continues to invest to ensure we meet our customers’ needs. This large, hydraulic press brake weighs in at 12 tons, has CNC (Computer  Numerical Control) that provides a more efficient human interface and hydraulic actuation that bends larger and thicker metals than our current machine. You can see the large crane that was used to get the press brake to the building. This equipment meets four major criteria for investing by the company:

  1. We enhance our capabilities, meaning we can do more for our customers than ever before.
  2. The equipment is more efficient, allowing us to do more in the same time period.
  3. Accuracy is much improved and takes away some of the human element, reducing errors and ensuring greater accuracy and reproducibility.
  4. Most importantly, modern safety features included on this equipment that were not possible to install on older equipment ensures that our employees are safer and less likely to have an accident.

We are very excited to make another significant investment that will improve every facet of our operation since this press brake will be one of the main workhorses that is used on almost every project.