In the 1950s, Lem Easterling and McKinley J. “M.J.” Stephens operated a small sheet metal shop in Savannah. On November 5, 1959, Easterling and Stephens, along with T.W. Erickson and Charles L. Sparkman, incorporated the business and named it Easterling & Stephens, Inc.

Stephens passed away in 1962. Three years later, operations moved to our current location at 218 E. Lathrop Avenue. In early 1968, the company purchased its first cut to length line, along with other equipment, that partially automated duct manufacturing for the first time.

The company became Delta Metals, Inc. in May 1968. In 1977, Easterling resigned due to his health but continued working as a consultant. Sparkman retired in 1996 and sold his share back to the company, leaving Erickson as the sole shareholder.

The company grew steadily over the years. In 2008, Delta Metals invested in a new, state-of-the-art cut to length coil line and additional equipment that almost completely automated the manufacturing of straight duct.

Erickson’s daughter Melissa and her husband Scott Rasplicka became the owners of Delta Metals after her father’s passing in 2002 and her mother’s death in 2008. Melissa had worked at Delta Metals for many years before eventually becoming a board member and helping to oversee the company for more than twenty years. Scott began working part-time at Delta Metals in 1995 and became an officer in 2000. Scott is currently Chairman of the Board and CEO, while Melissa serves as Vice Chairman.

Since taking the reins of the company, the Rasplickas have nearly doubled the employee base, while investing in the latest technology and manufacturing processes. They are committed to delivering the highest quality products and workmanship, ensuring that Delta Metals remains Southeast Georgia’s largest sheet metal and roofing contractor.

Delta Metals is proud of its tradition of veteran ownership, which started with Navy veteran T.W. Erickson and continues today with Scott Rasplicka, also a Navy vet.

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